Thursday, January 15, 2009

City Council

This week our troop went to the City Council for a requirement for Citizenship in the
community merit was neat how city goverment was done.
All of us enjoyed it and it was fun.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to My scouting Blog

Hello were troop 110 from Nauvoo,IL.
we are working on communications merit badge.
One of the things our troop likes doing is playing dodge ball.
There are 13 boys in are troop.
We have good scout leaders.
We all LOVE scout camp we go to Eastman on highway 96.
The badges we work on is hiking,shotgun,rifle,archery,swimming,rock climbing,
first staid,T21,reptile study,leather work,fingerprinting,motorboat,cannoning,kike
and you get the idea. Some of the fun things we do is have all meals in a building
and EAT,sing fun songs,one other thing we do is family night that's were are family comes and we all sit around and have
a BIG bomb fire wile people dress up as Indians and dance around the HUGE fire!!!
also that night we all have a belly flop contest in the BIG pool!"It is FUN"
Also we all have a fun time!
Stay tuned in with our blog.